We have created a warm, supportive and friendly atmosphere where everyone is ready to listen and where each student is a valuable asset. A commitment to small classes affords our students more personal attention and an opportunity to develop close relationships with their administrators, teachers, rebbeim, staff, alumnae mentors and each other. Special events are planned to ease the process of making new friends, to deepen and broaden peer relationships and to adjust to high school life. 

We focus on the development of the “whole person” and encourage our students to actualize their potential by discovering and nurturing their unique talents and strengths. A full array of specialized personnel is available to students for their personal, religious and academic growth and to help students realize their dreams. 


    SKA is committed to creating a warm and nurturing environment in which each student is supported in reaching her academic and personal goals, and to respecting the needs of diverse learners. A dedicated team of professionals works closely with staff and students to foster a positive school culture of joy and achievement.

    Our learning specialist serves as a liaison for students, parents, teachers, administrators and outside professionals to ensure that each student is provided with the tools and resources to succeed in her academic pursuits.  The learning team works closely with the Hewlett-Woodmere school district to access additional academic support when appropriate and have a comprehensive  system in place to ensure that mandated testing accommodations are provided for the appropriate students. For additional information on our learning support services, please contact Mrs. Sara Taib at


    The College and Israel Guidance Department at SKA is committed to helping all of our students in their application process to colleges and Israeli Yeshivot. We work with the students and their parents to understand the aspirations, interests and concerns of each individual young woman. Individuals who work closely with the students to help them in this process are Corey Katz, (College Guidance Counselor), Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, Director of Religious Guidance (Israel Guidance),Mrs. Deena Kobre, Assistant Principal,  Mrs. Avital Braun,  and Mrs. Paghit Ralbag, Senior Grade Level Advisors (Israel Guidance).

    We meet with the students individually on three separate occasions. The first meeting is in February of the junior year. At that time, we discuss preparation for standardized tests (SAT I, SAT II, ACT), involvement in co-curricular activities and other general concerns of the student. A second meeting takes place in the spring of the junior year with each individual student and her parents. Specific schools are discussed as possible choices for the student. A third meeting, during the beginning of the senior year, focuses on the actual applications and essays to be written. Then, throughout the beginning of the senior year, there are in-depth meetings to understand the choices the student is making when applying to Israeli schools. In addition, informal meetings are encouraged throughout the junior and senior years to discuss course selection, A.P. tests, essay writing, etc.

    A Transition Night for freshman parents in the late spring, daytime College Chats arranged during the Sophomore year, an Elective Night for sophomore parents in February, a College Panel with college representatives held every other fall for juniors and seniors, a College Information Evening scheduled in February for the juniors and Israel Night held in the fall of the senior year are some of the events which enable parents and students to further understand how to ready themselves for post high school options. There is a Financial Aid Evening scheduled in December for junior and senior parents, as well as The Year in Israel Workshop scheduled in May for senior parents. A letter of recommendation is also written by the school for each individual student in the senior class.

    With our NAVIANCE online system, the actual process is streamlined and is always accurate allowing students and parents to easily view the status of their application.

    Our goal is threefold: 1) to help the students make the right choices, 2) to act as facilitator, and 3) to insure that the process is a pleasant and meaningful experience. Ultimately, we want every student to find the right “match” so that she can continue to learn and grow academically and religiously in her post high school years.


    In educating the whole student, the guidance staff is an integral part of the SKA community. Each grade is assigned faculty grade level advisors, as well as alumnae madrichot who serve as mentors and role models. The SKA team of social workers and school psychologist are available daily to assist students in navigating the joys and challenges of adolescence, with workshops, individual and group meetings, and parent/daughter informational evenings.


    SKA is committed to developing the academic, social - emotional, and spiritual growth of each student. Our entire staff shares these goals and we are proud to have two dedicated faculty members focused on this important area of religious guidance.

    Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, Director of Religious Guidance, creates and implements meaningful programming for and with our students including annual highlights such as the Aseret Yemei Teshuva Shacharit at the Beach, Teshuvathon, Israel Across the Curriculum, and Inner Beauty. Mrs. Kaminetsky and our Mashgiach Ruchani, Rabbi Daniel Eisenbach, also teach classes for our alumnae, and are available to meet with both current students and SKA alumnae on an ongoing basis.